Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Book

Just finished the first book in the Omnibus, what a great book!  I never get tired of reading about individual Space Marine Chapters.  The differences between them are vast.  Space Wolves are no exception.  Good book, that I recommend to anyone who enjoys reading Space Marine related novels.

Have taken a bit of a break from painting last two days.  Only as I haven't much left until Christmas.  So far have the following painted.

30 Grey Hunters:  (3)Melta, (3) Flamer, (2) PowerFist, (1) Power Weapon
6 Terminators: (3) TH/SS, (2) Pair WC, (1) AC/PF
5 Long Fangs:  (2) LC, (2) PC, (1) SGT
1 Rune Priest
1 Drop Pod

Christmas I have the following on the way:
2 Rhinos
2 Razorbacks
1 Devastator Box Set (have the torso's and bits to make em' Long Fangs)

I have my lists done for 4G, but planning on having various units to swap out and mix things up a bit.  I miss painting Orks, so may pick up some of the Orks I have, and I have ALOT!  Figure I probably have 30+ boys still on sprue.  After painting Black Legion, then painting Black Templars, it's been refreshing not painting BLACK!

Did I mention that I really like seeing completed Armies :-)  I may need an intervention haha, but seriously focusing on Space Wolves and learning this game!

Off to start the second book :-)

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