Thursday, December 23, 2010

4G Update: Space Wolves

4G Space Wolves Rosters (500/1000)
(click for larger)

While I had all my painting completed, decided on swapping in some Blood Claws, because they are fluffy win (while competitive fail).  They look cool, enjoy the poses and totally fit into the books I'm reading (Space Wolf Ominbus).  So they have base color, but have the next few steps to do.

500 Points
Wolf Guard Battle Leader (Terminator), Pair of Wolf Claws

Squad 1:
Grey Hunters Pack, 7xGrey Hunters, Power Fist & Meltagun

Squad 2:
Grey Hunters Pack, 7xGrey Hunters, Power Weapon & Meltagun

Squad 3:
Blood Claws Pack, 7xBlood Claws, Meltagun

1000 Points
Adding the following:

Squad 1, 3 more Grey Hunters, Flamer

Squad 2, 3 more Grey Hunters, Flamer

Squad 3, 1 more Blood Claw & Lukas the Trickster

Heavy Support:
Long Fangs, 2xLascannon, 2xPlasmacannon, 1xSquad Leader

On the Razorback, not sure if I'll go with Twinlinked Las or Assault.  Sure the Las is obviously much better, but the Twinlinked Assault Cannon is just fluffy cool!  That and I can just pluck the Twinlinked Assault Cannon off of my Black Templars LRC ;-)


  1. Lukas, he is something i have wanted to try for awhile awesome mini, ok rules, better in apocalypse games. I just tried Bjorn with 3 dreads last week at my LGS and it was blast to switch play style and field 4 dreads!

  2. Awesome! I've thought about a Bjorn list, thought it would be alot of fun! Yea, Blood Claws and Lukas are essentially fail, but just having that fluff and fun factor. I'm actually thinking of putting them in a drop pod :-)

    Still haven't decided what great company to do. Almost done reading the First SW Omnibus. I would consider doing Ragner and a DP list, but for one his model is hideous, I would have to make one.. and Secondly, painting all those drop pods for something "gimmicky" doesn't seem appealing :-).

  3. Problem with using Bjorn is the fluff to be honest. He is one of the oldest dreads and is only awoken in very dire situations. So, they are not going to haul him out of the Fang for some small battle but rather some huge major event.