Sunday, December 12, 2010

BatRep: Chaos vs Space Wolves

Space Wolves

Ok, this game recap is very simple BAD ROLLING! Joe and Lars (Chaos), steamrolled Ben and I (Space Wolves).

First turn Razorback shoots Twin Linked Las Cannon at defiler, rolling Snake Eyes... and it went all downhill from there. Terminator Lord rolling 5 attacks, hits with one 6 rend.. the rest 1-3's. Second Terminator rolling four attacks, 1-3's. Leadership rolls, 1 success 3 failures. Pinning test, double sixes. PowerFist, 3 attacks... 1-3's (Twice). It was horrible all the way around.

Only saving grace was Chaos Space Marines losing one model, but having to take a Leadership Test for losing the assault, failed leadership and ran 11" off the board.

Chaos Dread went into fire frenzy and killed more chaos guys, than the Space Wolves.

I don't mind losing, but bad rolling makes for boring games on both sides.

Final nail, DP with 2 remaining wounds wipes a squad that misses all attacks (to include PF), then teams up with Beserkers to assault Grey Hunters squad in cover. Cool we get first strikes.. causing ... 1 wound which is saved. Return fire... squad is wiped. We called it.

More pics, and More (unedited) be patient as were getting used to taking photos, most came out blurry.

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