Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1G Moving Forward

I've been modifying the Chaos lists as I've become more interested in these 'Spikey Boyz'.  Initially when I decided to paint all this stuff, I just filled out lists with what I had available (or wouldn't totally cost me an arm and a leg).  I've since made alot of changes. 

I've moved away from an Abaddon/Black Legion List supported by the followers of Khorne, and switched it around to a Khorne dominated list, supported by Black Legion.  I'm swapping Abbadon for Kharn(sp), making the Bikers Khorne based, and lastly the Chaos Space Marines will have Icon of Khorne.

I plan on keeping the vehicles and a Defiler Black Legion.  World Eaters have broken up into warbands, so I envision it's a Warband of World Eaters that have a few Black Legionaires supporting them.


Orks have been a bit of a problem.  I have alot of Ork stuff on hand, from back when I first tried to get into 40k, unfortunately I have quite a bit that cannot be used.  Offender, Fast Attack choices.  The only thing I can think of, was that I was trying to do Speed Freaks.  Not knowing anything about the game, I'm sure I just read a list on GW's site, and bought stuff.  The result is I have various fast attack units that I cannot use.

Another issue is Power Klaws, I've got quite a collection of Nobz, from an eBay purchase 3 (or 4) years ago, to Black Reach Nobz... Only one has a Power Klaw.  So I'm scanning eBay when I get home.

Lastly, Orks are cheap from a points standpoint.  I can barely squeeze out an 1850 list, but the models won't be WYSIWIG if I can't find the PKs'.

First and foremost... THANK YOU JOE!

Tyranids was the one army I was starting completely from scratch (if you don't count the fact that a month or so prior I didn't own any Space Wolves either).  So I knew I was going to spend some cash, thou I really didn't want to spend alot.  It's one thing to invest in a hobby to play, etc.  It's another to invest in folly (ie tale of one gamer).

Well this is a problem no longer.  My a buddy of mine (actually more than a buddy, known him since we were 9), and fellow Noobhammer member, plays Nids.  He has been struggling on a color scheme, and never wasn't totally sure what scheme to go with.   I am pleased to announce that when I mentioned my whoas, he thought long and hard and decided to strip the models he had painted already and donate some units to The Cause.

So Joe will be letting me borrow a Carnifex(proxy for Tervigon), Genestealers, and about 6 Termagants so I don't have to purchase anything more (remember, I have a Wayland Games shipment on the way).  It was really cool of him to agree to just paint his army the same scheme I'm using, so I could borrow the figs. 

Space Wolves, nada... the Army is done.  Just have to coordinate some time with Matt to take some pictures.

Black Templars... I know.. everyone is saying "What? Templars?"  .. yea, I have a disease.  Since GW updated the FAQ, I may just be painting some of these guys along the way ;-)  I reeeeeally like their fluff!  Just freaking Crusading Zealots, Awesome!

So.. until I finish up the Orks and Trygon on working on... peaCe out ;-)


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  1. Cool update!

    Email me your pile of stuff, I will help you sort it out. I am a long time ork player. Fast attacks are a great choice for orks, so I am sure we can workng something into the mix. Bear in mind a Warboss can be on a bike, Nobz also that can be Elites and Troops. If you take the Biker special character Bike squads become troops also. Things are tough in choices but could be made to work. Trust me my Orks have more than the 3 slots of things to pick from.

    Metal or Plastic Claws? I may have some metal ones, both chris and I could spare you a few plastic ones. Are the Nobs metal or plastic? May be time to teach you how to cut, drill, pin and putty! When you come up next weekend I can get you the klaws no problem.

    Chris and I try to compliment our armies and paint jobs so that they can be intermixed also. A great idea with Joe!

    As for Templars, some of the boosts to thier codex are great! One nasty thing is thier jump squads, I was thinking this and now seeing people tossing the same suggestions out on the net. As they can take storm shields and I think combat shields you can make a jumping unit of ugly that can deep strike then bound into combat and have a 3+/3+ to survive the odds.