Sunday, February 20, 2011

CabanaHammer 2011

CabanaHammer 2011

CabanaHammer was a blast!  Group of players getting together for FUN games.  Everyone was asked to bring a few 1250 lists.  Three tables and eight players, so two 1v1 and one table 2v2.  Some spectacularly bad rolling that I will remember for a long time :-)  Lars and Patrick we're neck and neck for bad rolling, tough to call.  Patrick wiffed a ton of melta rolls, while Lars racked up six 1's and three 2's, in assault against Tau.  Later Lars spent his second game shooting Havoks and Defiler at a Valk for 5 turns solid before destroying it.  Funny enough, on the ride home.. "Havoks suck!".  Joe and I had to remind him, bad rolling can make any unit "suck".  haha.

Met some great peeps; Andrew, Cameron, Chris and Lee.  Patrick hosted, and all went off without a hitch.  Chris and Lee brought some great tables, terrain, and some really fun armies!  Learned a bit watching the DarkEldar.. so did Joe, bit the hard way o.O
Lee(DE) and Joe(Nids)

Andrew brought a great looking Tau Army, and a great sportsmanship, tutoring Lars in the HOT sun for his first game, and schooling me in his second ;-)

Camera settings off sorry :-(, these guys looked awesome!  Great Scheme!

Cameron too, great player and great guy just having fun.. with some freakishly sweet looking tanks.  No masking for the camo, just hand painted.
Cameron's Tanks
Last double's game was probably the highlight, with Lars(Chaos) and Chris(Orks) going against Cameron(IG) and Joe(Nids).  The way this game played out, and some of the freakishly bad rolling just added to the laughs!
Lars trying yet again to kill the Valk... (took him 5 turns).  Chris and Lee watching (and laughing later of the rolls).
Joe watching his Hive Tyrant bogged by boyz, while Cameron watches his Valk eek thru another turn :-)
That was absolutely the most the NoobHammer group has had playing.  Unfortunately, Ben (our fourth) was unable to make it, due to the passing of his Father.  Thoughts and Prayers to Ben and his family.


  1. Great pics! Got some good shots there.

  2. Thanks, the light settings were off for the first half of them :-(

  3. What a blast! Damm that beard is sexy!