Thursday, February 3, 2011

1G: Status Update

Love this photo
First due date is this coming Monday, so thought I would do a formal status update.

All 500pts are done, and I will meet the first (Feb 7th) deadline.

Tyranids (500pts):
Hive Tyrant (completed)
3xWarriors (completed)
12xHormaguants (completed)
5xGenestealers (completed)

Orks (500pts):22xBoyz (completed)
2xNobz (completed)
2xTruks (completed)
3xBikes (completed)
1xKillaKan (completed)

Chaos (500pts):Daemon Prince (completed)
12xBerzerkers (completed)
2xBerzerker Champs (completed)

Space Wolves:These guys are done, however I updated my Army Builder and it won't load any of my Space Wolves lists.  I've spent the last week painting Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Droppod.  I'll have those items wrapped up by Saturday, which will complete my Space Wolves 1850 list.

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