Thursday, February 10, 2011

1G Past Week and Orks


Styx:  Summary, I'm using Warbuggies, Stormboyz, and Bikes for fast attack.  I was playing last night, and plan on making them Nob Bikers, only they're the old bikez and the riders are practically the size of Gretchin lol.  Oh well, I'll add some Boss Poles or something.  Nob Bikers are just too cool.

That leaves me with 3xWarTraks and 3xDeffKoptas.

Past week; I have about 1500 pts of Black Templars, unfinished.  I was gonna poke around with them, but have been on-call this week for work, and it has been rough and I'm a bit behind for next month.  So I probably can't squeeze the time in for them.

I was hoping to get Orks painted up this week but so far this all I've been able to do this week.

A little behind this month

3xBuggies (90%, just some minor bits)
7xStormboyz (50%, need to do the washes and bases)
1xTruk (Base color only)
1xNob (0%)
12xBoyz (0%)

1xTrygon/Mawlok (primed)

3xChaos Bikers (primed)
1xKharn (20%base color and base washes)

What I haven't started that is not listed above.
Chaos Rhino, Defiler, (4) Ork Bikers, (12) Termagants

This month maybe a little rough.

Styx, I may just bring over a big Bag o' Bits for Cabannahammer, and let you and Lue dig through and pick out what you need :-)  My work area is getting a little crowded.  Good news, alot more empty boxes haha.

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  1. Always good to dig around for bitz. Let me know about the klaws and I can hook you up.

    As for the bikers, I mixed my bikers, it has worked pretty good. I took the legs on the old bikes, shaved the knife off, used putty to make the pants larger and baggy, then added a Nob top or at least a larger ork torso. you have to cut it flat then fill in gaps...the arms is my challenge next, not sure how I am going to beat this, I am thinking of using the arms leftover from the shootas with some work to hold the handle bars and the other hand a weapon of some type.

    You could also do the biker guy character, forget his name, but that could get bikes as troops also.

    I have some bonus Black Templar stuff I can give you also.