Thursday, February 24, 2011


First I must apologize for posting so much, but I have gotten alot done today, PG.  Dipped more nids :-)

Carnifex, Trygon, Broodlord, and Five Genesneekerz ;-)


  1. Good god! Your a painting Machine! I need to toss you some of my models next! HEheheheheh

  2. ha! :-) I've gotten a bit done. Being behind a bit has motivated me. I'm still having the problem of painting stuff not related to 1G. Namely Chaos and Tyranids. I need to put these guys down and start Orks...

  3. To be honest, your kicking ass in Chaos, Nids and Wolves. Your not digging the orks much right now (and IMO your wanting newer toys to the pile instead of the older stuff, that has you motivated less). To me if you picked up another 500 from the other three your still in your goal range and you could focus on the orks later once your properly motivated. I think it is great to see you continue your zeal with the stuff your REALLY enjoying to paint right now. Just my 2 cents. Heh, I need to update my stuff...not been doing much but I have some progress done.

  4. Agreed! It's the older ork models. Truks, Bikez, Buggies, are just horrible models.

    I don't mind painting Nobz or even Boyz so much, but the older models are just bad.

    I've put Orks off, but have a week left to paint em'. Pushing forward :-) Last month got a bit into Orks when I started painting flames n' such. If I find that motivation again next week, I'll try to just plow through as many as I can.

    Update yer BlOG! ;-)

  5. It has been, didn't you look? I put a week in review.

  6. Two words: Brood Lord! Man, great job! It is totally amazing having the correct figs. I mean proxies eh, no biggie at all. But having the actual figs for what your running...priceless!

  7. WORD! That last game was awesome in that it was all painted! sure I proxied Blood Angels for Daemonettes, but they were painted too!

    btw, yea I broke down and bought a box of Daemonettes ;-) Oh, and some reaper pinks (on sale for $1)