Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preach it Brother!


Example of the amount of terrain Noobhammer uses

Something that has always annoyed me when reading or viewing (youtube) batreps, is the "lack" of terrain.  I had the opportunity to view a local tournament a couple months ago, and the obvious lack of terrain was appalling.

I always wanted to post about it, but I'm a Nooblet, so what do I know?  Joe would know more, he plays Nids.  I'm a Noob and probably wouldn't articulate it well.

I don't need to,  Joe was cool and supplied this Blogpost by a Vet player... read, and get skool'd


Best quote (directed towards TOs), "If you demand fully painted armies, we demand proper terrain on every table. "

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  1. Thumbs up to the article. Yea, I always offer to bring scenery to some tournaments as I know they have CRAP at thier store. I am working on getting Anthem a nice boost to theirs. Another store is moving and does not have the space so Anthem is going to be lucky to have access to some more scenery.

    I always bring two totes of stuff to help fill up tables otherwise yea. I always try to make sure the 25% on on the table. I've been with IG on some tables and it was a shooting gallery. *bang**bang*bang* Good game! Let's get a beer now!