Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cool Link

Meant to post this last night, cool site I stumbled across:

Space within Space

On a sidenote, with all the stuff I need to paint to meet the month two deadline, I was up late last night creating a cool 1500 point Chaos list, which then led me to start painting a Chaos Landraider, ha!

I really need to focus.  Toughest part about doing this, is making the commitment.  I made the commitment to paint four armies in four months.  My desire to paint hasn't decreased, however the desire to paint what I need to paint has.  I built a couple more Space Wolves Terminators that are just begging to be painted.

I could paint these guys all day long...

I REAALY could just paint and dip Tyranids for a solid week, and be happy as a pig in slop... or paint a Chaos Land Raider ;-)

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