Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy.. not painting

So I haven't been painting .. at all, I have been working non-stop since Sunday.  Work has been hectic.  I've got a little over two and half weeks till the next due date, and I'm really behind.

I'll have to pull a couple of long sessions sometime soon.  Good news, I really miss painting.  Bad news, I have a strong affection for Terminators.  The models are just freaking cool.  I have to stop making/painting Terminators.  I have 10, and I almost bought another 10 :-)


  1. Hey! Does 60 Minutes know you stole their artwork!

    Terminators are cool and a favorite. If your going to do a Loganwing it is fine to go with. Chris and I have about 30 something between us and we both want more!

    Well, you will have a blast playing this weekend, look forward to all three of you making it up and having blast with everyone.

  2. haha.. I did a google image search for the one above. Should probably be more careful o.O. Oh yea we're pretty stoked, haven't had any time to come up with any lists yet, and have a bit of painting to do >.< No worries thou, I'm hoping that these next two days will be free.

    BTW, Matt took a couple of his pics and made 20x30 Posters from them! They're freaking awesome! I gotta get a post up showing them off ;-)