Thursday, February 3, 2011

Space Wolves More Lovin'

Wrapping up everything tonight.  Have a couple more spots to touch up (face highlights, bases, some lenses, tracks etc)  but for the most part they are ready to go.
Rhinos, Razors, Droppods, Long Fangs, and Termy with Heavy Flamer

I have to admit; two weekends ago while playing a 1500pt game.  I unloaded my terminators on the field (droppod), and the Heavy Flamer model was just primed... Ben and Joe both said, "Whoa, you actually putting something on the field that's not painted".  It was absolutely hilarious.  BUT, it did get me thinking how much I have neglected my Space Wolves for the last three to four weeks.  I was fielding my Black Templar Rhino for the last few games, on loaner from my favorite zealots ;-)

Rhino, have to add tracks :-(


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