Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Space Wolves Get Some Love

I've finished all the "Tale of One Gamer (1G)" 500pt armies for next Monday.. *whew*.  So I've eagerly put myself to work on my beloved wolfies with the little time I have available.

Rhino, Rhino, Drop Pod, RazorBack, Long Fangs, Terminator Heavy Flamer and Power Weapon.
(Left to Right/Back to Front) .. if you squint really hard there is a completed Hive Tyrant hiding in the back :-)
Needed to knock out some vehicles and some Troops.  I don't like fielding unpainted models, and have been for two weeks now.  Hopefully this Saturday all will be completed.

Note the Ultramarines markings that have been grinded off the droppod.  These will get covered with SW bits.
If I can get all this completed by Saturday, it will complete my entire 1G Space Wolves till final due date; 1850pts.

One more to prime, I have alot of empty boxes, and ALOT of Sprues!!!!
Knocking out all of these various figs and models over the last few months has left me with a pile of boxes, and an absolutely ridiculous amount of sprues!

Feels good to be building on my core army again, still have to figure out which 1G armies will get the eBay axe when I'm completed.


  1. Great job man! Congrats on meeting the 1G requirements!

    Love, love, love that Space Wolf grey you are using. Can't wait to play!

    Bro as mentioned before please let Ben and I know before you sell something on Ebay. We will more than likely pool our cash together to buy an army off you.

  2. Thanks bro. Next month will be tough, couple big things to put together (takes time) and Orks.

    I needed the break from them thou, missed Space Wolves. I'm about done with everything pictured above.

    I love painting... with work, etc. It's such a wonderful escape! I highly recommend it to anyone!

    p.s. It's lunchtime, and I'm home priming haha