Friday, February 11, 2011

Need a Bigger Table

No room left :-(
My painting area is getting a little crowded, and obviously I need to do something .. like work on organizational skills.

I am able to paint pretty quickly for a couple of reasons.  One of them is working on ALOT of models at one time.  This way there is little downtime, waiting for a wash to dry? Then wash something else.  I do things in sequence as well.  So if I have a pot of Bleached Bone open, I'm doing every bit.  However... I am running out of room :-(

Some of the things I'm working on now.

Before pic of the Warbuggies...
Straight from eBay
I'm really irritated that the hands don't line up with the grips of the shootas.  I will be cutting some sprues, and reworking this.. it looks so lame.

War Buggies, and Boss w/ PK (touch up).

Chaos Bikers (MoK), Red and all three washes done.
Misc Boys and Stormboyz

That's about it.  Have a Trygon still waiting in the wings, primed.

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  1. Hehe, I need a bigger hobby room. Both my tables are cluttered, stuff all about the room. My wife hates it, but is my man cave.