Monday, February 7, 2011

1G Month One, Tyranids

Disclaimner: Since I didn't plan on posting these all together, they will "appear" out of order.. well if I posted them daily they wouldn't be, but since 'styx' wanted more... posting more.

Of the four Armies I committed to painting for "Tale of One Gamer", this one is my absolute favorite from a pure painting standpoint.  I've never been interested in playing Tyranids, nor interested in their fluff, but I've always wanted to paint them using the dip method.

I should have saved these guys for last, I think they look great.. and the only army left is Space Wolves, and I posted on them numerous times.

So on with the SWARM!

Hive Tyrant (close)
Hive Tyrant (full)


Full Army with Gants
Kill Maim Bu...oh boy!

Matt took some great fun shots that I will include in the "Month One Wrapup" post.

Disclaimer, out o' order scroll down for Chaos


  1. Soooooo glad I finally made a decision! I will be getting some Westleys after work and doing some "test" models. So I'll let you know tomorrow night how it works. As long as it isn't painful heh heh heh maybe have everything stripped by weekend.

    By the way do you have a name for your scheme?

  2. I soooo glad too! Your saving me $$$ on 1G :-)

    Nope no name, you got one in mind? Can't remember the hive fleet, basically went with a specific hive fleet, only didn't like the purple.. Leviathan(sp) maybe?

    Used the Fenris Grey instead.

  3. Well, would be cooler to just do our own name/fluff. Just checked out some Google images of Leviathan, for sure a "purple" fig. What you have is completley different IMHO. I'm open to anything.

    Ok so actually all the figs I have are in the Westley's. This time tomorrow 6:30pm, will check it out.

  4. Ideas Funny:
    Hive Fleet Flatulence

    Ideas Serious:
    Hive Fleet Immortalis

  5. I got the metallic 20x30 prints back of a couple shots, man they are freakin awesome! Can't wait to show you.

  6. Yea brother!!! I'm gonna give you buzz when I'm on that side of town. I'll get there early, know you got "date night" ;-)