Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fex Magnents

Finished up the mold lines on the Carnifex and Termagants.  I honestly believe out of the 180+ mini's I've painted over the last few months, mold lines on the Termagants have been the worst.

Also magnetized the Carnifex, but will probably rework the mount points a bit.  I'm not happy with the posing options.

Talons and Claws want to be way up.. 
or way down.

No real in between.  Just the way it works unless you go back and rework.
What worked on the Hive Tyrant was putting a dab of paint in the joint, and then putting on the Arm(or Claw) in a position that I liked that I could rotate.  This just didn't work for the Carnifex.  Some really awkward angles, so a little trimming is needed.

Bad pic of Kharn.  Not too worried about pics, as Matt G is "Da Man", and offered to take some Month Two Pics :-)

His pictures make my figs look better than they really are. (unlike my pic above, which makes em' look worse)

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