Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting Updates

So I've actually gotten some painting done the last few days, and here is the update so far (what's done, what needs to be completed).

( )Broodlord


( )11xBoyz
( )Nob
( )Trukk
( )3xBikers

(X)=completed, (\)=make sure I didn't miss anything, then it gets the X, () = not even close

I'm hoping to wrap up Chaos tomorrow night, and do some more Tyranids.  I have alot of Ork stuff to paint, but just like last month, just not motivated to paint Orks :-(

I want to get the Carnifex completed, Broodlord, and some Termagants before this Noobhammer meetup.  Thou I reeeeally need to paint some Orks.

Some reason Orks are just 'meh'.. I get into a groove on the Nobz, but these OOP vehicles are just horrible models.  So painting them feels like a waste o' time.  I look online and see great paintjobs on these old Ork bikes... and yes, they still look like poo'.  No matter how expensive the paintjob, can't make an 81' Chevette look like a Porsche.

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