Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Well haven't posted anything 40k related due to being REALLY BUSY!  My sump on my 90 gallon Reef tank broke a seam between chambers, had to completely pump out 30 gallons of water, pull out the pumps and plumbing, reseal and put it all back together again.  Did a 25 gallon water change in the process, my montipora are happy for it.  I should have taken pictures of the ordeal, but was a little hairy and not as much fun and taking pics of models :-)

Daughters Birthday last night, Dad's Birthday today then a Birthday Dinner!  BUSY!  I did manage to squeeze in a couple of ink washes, but that's it.

Soon as I get a free moment, I'll upload some pictures and do an update of my first game at Anthem, BUT tomorrow afternoon, it's Grandma's Birthday Celebration in Port Richey :-)  hehehe... alot of Birthday's this time o' year.  But hey, get a break until March.

Peace Out ;-)


  1. Wow! That is alot of birthdays! There is a good bit in Decembe for my family. My mother and brother, plus one of my brother's kids also. My wife's parent's just had their golden 50th last month also.

    I have to agree the saltwater tank ordeal isn't fun. I had a friend move, took 4 of us, to clear the tank, transport everything and set it back up. I left after they started to put everything together. I was just needed for the lifting and other crazy running around....kinda made me glad that the only tank in my house is owned by a ball python.

  2. hahah, yea Birthday's galore this time of year! Salt water tank can be alot of work! When things go wrong, so far so good the seams are holding up well. I was thinking of downsizing to a smaller tank, if anything will save me $$$ overall. Haven't painted much, just a bit more done on the Razorback, and I still have three more vehicles to go, but not due for awhile (4G). Have my 500pts done for next weekend due date.