Thursday, January 6, 2011

1G Update: Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuumble

Tale of One Gamer
1 Gamer, 4 Armies, 4 Months

Similiar to the 'Tale of Four Gamers', instead one gamer, me.  Create a base army (painted to tabletop quality) 500pt month one, and keep adding to it monthly, only I'm doing four armies at once!

Due Dates for each army!
Feb 7, 500pts
Mar 7, 500pts
Apr 4, 500pts
May 2, 350pts

Total 1850 pts at the end.

Now in all honesty, I'm not starting all these armies from scratch.  While I have been blessed with a decent amount of disposable income, it would be irresponsible to just to burn through a couple grand, when I already have some models and incomplete armies.

Styx, had a good recommendation to focus on one army a month, but what kinda challenge would that be? haha!

The Armies

I now present the armies of One Gamer, essentially here is what I have available (off the top o' my head).


Double A, nco.. new paint needed
Abaddon, 2xDeamon Prince, 10xCSM, 16xBerserkers, 7xPlague Marines, 8x1000Sons(w/ Sorcerer), 3xHavoks(las), 1xHavok(ML), 1xHavok(Autocannon), 1xHavok(H.Bolter),Dread, Land Raider, Rhino, 2xDefilers.  5xTerminators

Alot of the chaos has some paint on it, thou its old, looks like poo, and nearly all are incomplete.  Save a few choice figs.  While alot is painted, this one is a bit scarey, and these figs require ALOT of work.  This one maybe worse than starting from scratch.

Did I mention I hate mold lines

No telling how much I have!  7xBikers, 4xTruks, 4xWarbuggies, 1xKillaKan, 5ish Nobz, 2xWarbosses, 60+boyz, 80+gretchin, 1xSlaver, 3xDeffKoptaz

Started collecting Orks during 4th Edition, played one game, never learned the rules, then our game group broke up.  As you can see in the picture above, majority is still on the sprue, or in shrink wrap.  Those old ugly vehicles lol.

Space Wolves
Well these are done
This was my original 4G Army that I was working on, so at least 1000pts is painted into a usable list.  This is also my first love.  I'm reading the last of the first six books, the fluff is freaking awesome, I love the figs, these guys are awesomesauce!

6xWGTerms, 1xRPriest, 1xWPriest, 8xBloodClaws, 30+GHunters, 10xLongFangs, 2xRBacks, 2xRhino's,2xDroppods,1xLukas Baby!

This one shouldn't be too bad, nearly all the infantry is done, thou I have all but one of the vehicles still in shrink wrap :-(


Gonna take more than a codex

Nothing, nada, zip.  Got a Codex that I have poured over and a fun Monster Mash 1850 list on Army Builder.

Thou I don't have any models, it doesn't mean I don't have some packages on the way ;-)

Final Thoughts
Finally, the only restriction I may disregard is the 500pts base and then build upon.  Due to resources and utilizing what I have, this just may not be possible.  Whereas, I have the models and figs for say 500pts, but they don't fit nicely in say 1000 pts.  I will see how this goes.

No, I don't have any intentions on lists with 800pts of wargear, or a Herohammer list.  Well I'm interested in a Herohammer list, just not for 1G ;-)


  1. Those Space Wolves are looking good !!

    : )


  2. Thanks brother! Hopefully with the added armies, I'll be able to maintain the TT quality.