Sunday, January 30, 2011

1G: Chaos Sneak Peek

Few touch ups and fin.
Hive Tyrant left... and then priming and base color Orks for next month ;-)

One more week, I'll have pictures of all 500pts for each.  Till then, back to painting ;-)

Happy Gasparilla'



  1. Looking sweet! Keep up the good work! Posted up some stuff on mine as to what I've been doing. Some slow progress, your making me look like a turtle!

    Never heard back either on the 19th for Cabanahammer. Ralf's son Rafe is going to be there, so if your son wants to join in the gaming he's welcome to. I am going a head count and starting the first steps then going to send out a few second wave invites. Maybe some of your crew could join in. Last count 6, not including you. Would like to target no more than 8-10 due to space.

  2. Awesome Rob! Love that color on the skull mask of the guy in the middle!

    Let me know what would be the time frame if it's cool to go to Cabanahammer. I know it starts early, well really early for me on a Sat!What is the point total for a list?

  3. Dice won't roll till 10, setup is at 9. Play a game, grill out, play an other game, then do whatever, play another, go home, sit around and talk....up to the group...

    1250 lists. We will only have 3 tables, but we will pair up randomly to play teams. In the event we have an uneven # of teams, two can play one on one...the pairing lets you get to know other players in the community...depending on how many of you guys show.

    Rob, just let me know if only Joe is going or if your son or someone else wants to go. It is 7 including you, 8 with Joe. We have two more spots. I think going beyond 10 would be crowded inside the Cabana.

  4. Sent a message via anthem forum :-)