Sunday, January 9, 2011

1G Update: Tyranids and Planning

Picture above shows the base paint, prior to the dip.

I see a glaring mistake, please don't click for larger
Dipping Gaunts, Lesson Learned

Here they are finished.  This is my first big dip(brushed on) job.  I did some Plague Marines as a test some time back, it was straightforward.  Brush on, let it set a few minutes, brush away the excess that will flow (like cold syrup) to the feet of the model.  This is NOT how it works on nids.  Due to the shape of the miniature, I had the dip flow downward, settle and dry in areas I would not have chosen.  No worries, first batch and they are table top quality.  I will be more careful in the Future.

Planned out Paint/Purchase lists for Space Wolves, and Chaos.  I prepared army lists for the aforementioned.  Have yet to accurately inventory my Orks.

This will be a daunting task.  Next few weeks:

(1) Hive Tyrant ($)
(12) Termagaunts ($)
(3) Warriors
(16) Berserkers (touch up paint)
(1) DeffKopta

Not really sure what I got myself into, o.O


  1. Hey doom, i have 8 genes(primed white) and 1 trygon/mawloc(assembled) if ya wanna save a buck or 2.

  2. Sweetness! Absolutely, shoot me an email on price. This is my "free" week to make it up to Anthem!

  3. Glaring mistake??? Dude you are totally too hard on yourself! They look awesome!

    I was thinking what Ben had said last time we talked about all the stuf you have knocked out. He has that whole set of basing materials. You should ask him to bring it to the house this Sat. so you could get some pinches of static grass and see how that would go. I am totally interested in seeing that applied as I have never done it before.

  4. Oh one other thing, do you think you will have enough of that dip left for me to use on my stuff? I am not really into experimenting with floor wax and water mixing, etc. Ok so I'm lazy sue me! lol
    And that leads me to another question with Army Painter dip, do you think that watering it down could be an option?

  5. Bro, the Army Painter Dip IS POLYSHADES! It's the same exact stuff! Same color, consistency, smell.. Heck, for fun I'm going to apply it to wood, next to polyshades and prove it :-)

    Some left over, are you kidding... Based on results so far, this can would be good for 20,000 pts of Tyranids!

  6. Take that back, this can would be good for 200,000pts of Tyranids.