Saturday, January 22, 2011

1G: Basing Orks

Just a quick rundown on how I do all my bases.  Nothing fancy, I use the same sand that is on our "OverEngineeredYetIncomplete" game table.

Elmer's(PVA) Glue directly on base, drop in front and in back
Using a really wet brush, spread it around
Dunk directly into bowel o' sand
move around a bit
In the past I would premix 50/50 water/glue, but found it almost always was too thin.  This is superquick, and provides more control.  Too thick, just dunk the brush in the water and keep spreading. 

When it's all dry, I'll use the same brush (cleaned of course), wet it, and go around the base to clean up the dust.  OR just use my finger :-)

Just about done with the Boyz n' Orks.  Shooting for Sunday night to have them complete.  That will give me a week for the Berserkers, and hopefully leave me a week to do any early work for the second due date.

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