Sunday, January 2, 2011

My First Real Game

I had my first real game last Thursday at LGS (Anthem in Tampa, FL).  Was 1000pts Thousand Sons vs. Space Wolves.

I have to be honest, don't remember much from the game.  I went in nervous, meeting new people, not wanting to screw up too terribly, and just worrying about looking like a complete dork!  Basically, not in a frame of mind to really enjoy myself.

Then the absolute BEST moment in the game came turn 3.  My opponent realized that he had gotten the Toughness incorrect on his Daemon Prince, and I had been trying to wound rolling 6's instead of 5's in assault.  Why was this the best moment?  Because up until that point, I was tentative, nervous, and worried.  Then I realized, no matter how long you've played, it's ok to forget and mistakes happen, and immediately I mellowed out and started actually having FUN!!!

He was really apologetic about it, but to me it was the best thing that could've happened, after that moment I had a great time the rest of the game and was able to enjoy myself, enjoy the game, enjoy the conversation.  I really learned alot from him, and two important aspect's of the game that my noob buddies and I were completely doing wrong!

Awesome game, awesome experience, and I can't wait to do it again!

I didn't get alot of pictures of the battle, but did get alot of pic's of his Thousand Son's.  I absolutely loved them! Great paintjob and I personally LOVE a consistent looking army.  I would love to see him finish the army, but I believe he's only used them a couple of times, and (if I remember correctly) he's not played chaos in ages either.  Unfortunate, because they would look amazing when completed.

Since he'll swing by and read this, thanks again for a great game.  For being patient with all my questions.. and finally .. Finish painting your Daemon Prince!  Awesome conversion!


Oh final note for any competitive audience I may have... He completely destroyed me :-)


  1. Had a great time and it was a pleasure to meet you. As for the questions, that is no problem at all. That is how us old farts stay up on the rules and also helps new people learn the rules so they can enjoy the game. Always great to see new faces and attitudes! Sorry about that bungle again but even us old farts can mess up every now and then. Hah! Anyway, I am working with Chris now to find out open weekends to start planning a Cabanahammer outing to grill some burgers and get some games in. Maybe we can do multiple small games of 1000-1250-1500, somewhere in that point range.

  2. LOL, stop apologizing! I was entirely too uptight, that was honestly the best moment! It allowed me to relax, hang out, and just have fun!

  3. .. and finish painting your 1000 Sons ;-)

  4. Heh, you would DIE if you saw my hobby room and all my stuff (mainly the unfinished stuff). There is an old saying that you will never die as long as you have models to complete. Well, at the rate I have stacked up here, I am pretty much going to be immortal. Heh.

    I have this:
    Necrons about 3k, mostly painted, few odds and ends.

    Orks about 2500 painted. More than double that unpainted.

    Chaos, painted Word Bearers and Iron Warriors (easy 3k each), World Eaters, Death Guard and 1000 Sons to finish (easy 2k to each area). Plust I have tons of unfinished Defilers x2, Rhino (Forgeworld Converted extra armor) and abotu 30 or so Marines and 10 Terminators sitting in a box that I got in a trade.

    Demons, have about 2k in Demons, still have another 2k to finish.

    Space Wolves, mostly 95% unfinished.

    An entire Chapter of Dark Angels (seriously, 2 Jump, 6 Tatical, 2 Dev, plus Vets, Deathwing, Ravenwing and tons of Command Stuff along with vehicles). Short of the Ravenwing and one Dread nothing else has been done.

    IG has tons of vehicles done, pending on some orders for heads from Pig Iron to finish and paint up. I have about 3k of IG. Mostly infantry unfinished.

    Game box for Space Hulk assembled, but not painted.

    Tau, mostly painted, have about 4k or so. Need to finish some leftovers which is about 1k or so of stuff. Piranna, Sniper Squads and drones.

    I also have piles of leftover Mordheim, Necromunda gangs and Battle Fleet Gothic stuff that is unfinshed.

    Toss in Vampire Counts (mostly done, bought a battleforce and had some leftovers). Dogs of War (unfinished) and Tomb Kings (WIP, roughly 4k or more, about half done). Also have some Chaos Fantasy I am about to trade away.

    Too much stuff! I'm an addict since 94!


    Necromunda, now that was a game!