Monday, January 17, 2011

Orks Need Work

Strip Me Please!

I bought this large Ork force for a very good deal on Ebay about three years ago.  Unfortunately, they need to be stripped.  This is going to throw a King Kong sized monkey wrench into my timeline.

Looks like I will have to strip at the least:
(16)  Ork Boyz
(4) Trukz (see above)
(3) Buggies
etc. etc. etc.

I'm not sure what I was thinking, as I have three Wartraks, three Buggies, Stormboyz, three DefKoptas and on and on.. I've more fast attack choices than I have slots!  

stripping old bases

Ork Inventory

Went through all my Orks, and I'm missing quite a bit.  Not sure if I have a rubbermaid container somewhere with Orks.  I'll have to check boxes in the garage.  Mostly missing sprues, whereas I have at least 40+ pair of shoota arms, and 16 or so bodies, but missing everything else.  

I have 52 boys, 10 nobz, 3 Warbosses for infantry without using any "old" guys (see below)

Remember these.. o.O
I've got a ton of old guys, but they look sooooo bad!  Not only that they are about the size of Gretchin.

I do have one old timer that will make it into the Army just for laughs....

Is he sticking his tongue out MJ style?


  1. Ok so I looked for the post you told me about Rob in which your given what's needed to strip a model. I couldn't find it. Now of course I'm at work and don't want to spend too much time browsing for it. So if you can brotha man, email me the items needed. If I can locate easily (key work EASILY) the items needed for easy stripping I'll dump my color scheme and do my Nids what you have done. :-D

  2. The bleach white from Wesley's works well. Just grab some buds and have a stripping, maybe not, that sounds kinda weird. Heh...serious, buy some beer and pizza, hand them tooth brushes in the garage and go to town after letting them soak overnight in the Wesley's.

    On the subject of orks. I can make you a few offers. I have some spare arms that I may be able to help you with. Give me a count of how many are missing limbs and I can help. I also have some old Orks, before those, mind you they are not bad looking, I have them back stocked for a rainey day if I needed more orks and in a pinch for money. I can give ya a cheap deal on them if you want them. I can bring them with me to the store if you want to see them.

    Oh BTW, check your PM on ANTHEM. Don't have your email. It's about Cabanahammer next month.

  3. Joe that's the one. Sorry it wasn't a post, it was a comment styx had name.

    Thx styx. I'll have to get an exact count, I'm basing figs now. I'm using the black undercoat on some models, but have a chunk of 20 or so orks, tha will have to be stripped. Since I only have a few weeks left until the first deadline, I'm holding off the stripping. Gotta knock out these Orks, and haven't even started Chaos!

    Replied, I'm good to go with either weekend :-)

  4. Dig it! Thanks Styx. I have an Auto Zone, Ace Hardware and one other auto chain place right near me so hopefully one of them will have it.

    I don't really have that much painted, mostly just primed so should be cool.
    By the way would you recommend the soft, med or hard bristle toothbrush?

  5. I perfer the med brushes, to be honest, I keep my old ones (my wife thinks I am a freak), scald them in hot water, then I have them in a container to use. Soft is a nice one for the more fragile areas.

    The idea is to keep the brush wet, don't rinse the model under the water, just wash the paint residue and other junk off the brush by washing it under the tap. May want to wear gloves, not that it is toxic or anything, but will wrinkle your skin up over time...just like being in the water too long.

    I also use the toothbrush for other things. Mainly after I scrape a model, you ever find those "hanger" on bits of plastic that won't come off. Take a brush, scrub, done!

    Models dusty? Water in a cup, your model, scrub, clean and new looking!

    Splatter effects...must do outside, dip the brush in paint, wear gloves and goggles, run your finger over the brush to splatter the paint over the model.

    Green stuff sculpting, med to firm/hard brushes make fur a snap...put your blob of green stuff down, press the brush into it until you get the desired texture.

    101 old uses of a toothbrush...not to mention when I step in dog doo in the yard, I can clean the tracks in my shoes easier! TMI