Sunday, January 2, 2011

Projects: Razorback Again

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Well this is about as far as I've gotten.  Most of the outside is done, added the brassy bit in the front (pic doesn't show it well).  Not sure what else to add for bits, based on the fluff (Omnibus), I don't see exterior's of vehicles as having alot of trophies or bits.

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You'll notice there is a bad seam, that's not by mistake or lack of putty.  I decided not to cheese out and glue the doors.  Figured I would allow the ability to take the top off to look inside.  I'm all for fast, but.. ignoring the inside seems like a waste.  These models are expensive, so while not the most patient job, I did paint it.

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Final note, if you've been here for a bit, I described how I came up with this color and found a cool method for getting the color I wanted... well, NoobSauce!!  I picked up a pot of Fenris Grey from Anthem.. ARGH!  The perfect freaking color, it is what I was looking for.  I did the interior of the vehicle with it, no washes, straight from the pot (thinned with water).  

I could kick myself :-(  

Oh well, if I can stay focused on Space Wolves long enough I may switch.  

I gotta get picks of Lue's Space Wolves, freaking SICK dark grey!  Pre-Heresy almost, and the hair and faces will blow you away!  I'm throwing in another kick for not getting a pic.  Maybe he'll swing by and read this, and take a couple shots and send em' over :-)

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