Thursday, January 6, 2011

1G: Getting Closer

which army gets the axe.. err flame.

I've made the decision on three of the four Armies, so here are the three that are in.

Space Wolves

Now debating the last army, the toss up is between Orks and Space Marines.  Some of the positives and negatives of each:

I have alot of them, and I mean ALOT.  This would definitely alleviate cost, as I will have to spend some scratch on Tyranids (got none of these guys).

Alot of painting, need ALOT of boyz.  I will definitely have to put it into high gear if I go this route.  Nids I've already got a fun Monster Mash list created, so not as many figs to paint as I orginally thought.  So I may have the time.

Space Marines(BA Codex Army):
I have always wanted to Lamentors, will not require that many models to paint.  I figure I can probably knock these guys out quickly.  Using the I.Yellow(foundation) and washes(or possibly dip), I've got the experience with Power Armor to crank em' out.

Negatives  While I picked up the Battleforce from Lars, it still falls waaaay short, and the cost of this Army could easily skyrocket.  (Maws/Tervs aren't cheap!, now throw in Baal Preds.. *sigh*) While I've always wanted to do Lamentors, I'm not exactly 'excited' at the idea of painting yet another power armor fig (chaos, space wolves).

I sorta wanted to do two "order", and two "disorder", but I think I answered my own question, everything points to Orks.  Any idea's?  Feel free.  Have a 1850 Ork or BA List you recommend, send it over.  Any arguments for yellow marines?  or just WAAAAAAGHH!

Thanks all!


  1. I'd go ork go get away from the power armor and frees up your money to where you want it to go. What is nice about orks, is the are very forgiving paint wise compared to other things. I know, I cut corners and still look great!

    Plus you can use your pile of bitz to bulk up the orks and scratch build things which can be fairly cheap. The Waaagh board is great on my links list that I recommend you read. There is tons of great ideas including conversions.

  2. All good reasons, and it gets my vote :-) So two Aliens and two Power Armor.