Monday, January 3, 2011

4G Update: Pre 500 pts

 Month One
4 Gamers, 4 Armies, 4 months, 4 Fun!
Ben: Eldar vs. Joe: Tyranids
Lars: Blood Angels vs. Rob: Space Wolves
Jan 7th, Friday: 500pts painted and Games
Palace o' Joe (Tampa)
The time has arrived for 500pt armies and matches, due to lingering holiday scheduling conflicts, we are shooting for Friday Evening instead of the normal Saturday.
Random Draw,
First Matchup:  Eldar v. Tyranids, mission and deployment will be rolled for RAW(Rules as Written).
Second Matchup:  Blood Angles v. Space Wolves, mission and deployment will be rolled for RAW.
Terrain will be placed by Nuetral team, AT LEAST 25%. 
All terrain will be place in a table quarter, and must reletively fill the table quarter (25% of the table).  This will ensure 25%.
It will then be dispersed throughout the entire battlefield, any dangerous/difficult terrain will be expained prior to matchup.

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  1. Would be cool to watch some different armies go at it. I would up load a pic if my camera wasn't broken. I get one in a few weeks for my B-Day so i'll have to wait.