Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Far Ramblings

Dip Method
(I brush it on..)

Army Painter Dip, it works, it's great, the look is awesome... and I could've gotten the same look with the above for 1/4th the cost.  It is the same stuff.  I plan on testing it out on wood, I have three different colors of Polyshades on hand to test it out.  

I recommend the "Dip Method" for anyone doing Tyranids.  The look is great for this Army!  It's natural tones and realistic smooth transition of shading and high gloss shine.  In my opinion it just looks awesome, and it's soooo freakin fast! 

I'm not sure this would look good on much anything else that doesn't have a "natural" earthy color, or alien.  For example I just don't imagine it would look good on Ultramarines, but maybe some Imperial Fists (natural Foundation yellow), or Blood Angels (natural Foundation red).  They would come out glossy, and you'd have to spray a matte finish on them.. and I think for power armor, etc you can get a great look with just acrylics.

Don't spend $20 or whatever on Army Painter dip, goto Walmart or a local hardware store and pick up the Polyshades by minwax.  Be sure to get a color for the look you want, the above Maple is about the same color as what I'm using, there are lighter and darker colors and the same size can as Army Painter runs anywhere from $4-$8 depending where you by it.  did i mention.. i use a brush ;-)

Ork Boy
He's not finished, but believe this is the overall scheme I will settle on.  Red base, but dirty and ragged, I don't like bright and pretty orks.  These guys are going to war, not a drag show.  Think I'll do the straps in Scrotched Brown, and if I have time highlight the metal bitz with chainmail.

I highlighted areas of his face with Scorpion Green, and I like the effect, but I'm not good blending greens, so if it's over the top let me know. 

Getting Hectic...

So it's getting a little hectic.  I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve, so that means any spare time between paint drying is spent on sprues.  Remarkably it's not work!  I'm actually having a blast, and I haven't spent any "more" time than normal, just more efficient... with my time.  Not my organization...

My Table Top...
not much room...

Underneath my Table...
..uhm where do i put my feet.

As you can see I need to get a bit organized.  Fun aspect, is going through some of the boxes is a walk down memory lane... I played Epic and Necromunda back in the day, and was always interested in 40k.  This during 2nd Edition.  Peeps would always offer various figs, bits, bases, you name it.. to encourage me to play.  I never tossed anything in the garbage, none of it.  Which is strange, as I typically don't hesitate to toss anything I don't use or need.

Just cool to open a box with all this old stuff I have looked through in ages... Some of it is just "Oh yea!  When I was gonna play Orks I bought Stormboyz!"  I remember how much cooler they looked over the 2nd Edition Nazi Orks.  Had to have em'.  Oh well I'm playing now, better late than never.


  1. So what do you think Rob, for my color scheme? Should I go lighter, this color your showing or darker? Whatever you think would get the most shine for what I am doing.

  2. Since your going with a black/yellow scheme, 80% of the model is black, it will depend on how much 'shading' you want for the bits of yellow. I used a lighter "Pecan 320" on the Plague marines, and these are substantially darker. I think the Pecan would look nice, and since the yellow areas are so small, they won't get drowned out in any puddles that form.

  3. Rob, gotta get with you and show you a new trick, drilling out gun barrels, Makes them look so much better. You can even go back afterwards and do this as you just have to touch up if anything looks off,

    everything is looking sweet. I agree dip works on some stuff Nids and Skeletons are two top picks for me also. As for Orks, I like the more realistic tones also over the cartoon effect some people like.

  4. yea, I gotta take the time to learn to drill, buddy Ben harps on me constantly about it. He has the lil' drills, and offers them to me all the time.

    Yea, I don't want Anime Orks, but your idea tonight was freakin great! (yer secret is safe with me) lolz

  5. Dude, drilling especially with the set Ben has is cake!

    So do you really think that a dip will not glossy up black at all? For some reason I can't think that it wouldn't. If doesn't at all, there has to be something out there that would. Of course I am not talking a total wet look but that glossy shimer ya know?

  6. It will definitely gloss up the black! and make it look sweet, you just wouldn't get the shading and tones like the lighter models. But the gloss reflecting the light is a COOL effect. I'm bringing them over Saturday, you can check it out.

    You definitely would either want to overbrush the edges, or quick like me drybrush ;-)

    With the yellow/black, you could drybrush the edges of the black something cool like RED! that would look sick!