Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1G Nids and Kickin' it Old Skool

Wrapped up the Tyranid Warriors.  Moved on to trimming up Ork Boysz, and digging thru my bag o' bikes.

old skool
I have Seven of these guys on hand, and believe I have another three or more at Joe's.  That's alot of bikes.  So they'll go into the list (and save me $$$).  You'll notice a weird base paintjob on them, that's how I got em'  from ebay about ... four years ago.

Can you tell I've wanted to play this game for a long time :-)

Ork Color Scheme
Trying to think of a quick and easy color scheme for the orks.  Leaning towards Red, and the whole Evil Sunz.  They'd look cool, and come out quick.  Will get one painted up and posted.


  1. Bugs are looking good!

    As for ork paint schemes. The best thing is to read through the fluff (and you like that anyway) and find the fluff that appeals to you. The baseline color will then bubble to the surfance. In my case I went blue for Deathskull Lootas, I love their fluff. Chris went more Goff (I think) the yellow tones with his orks to show 'dey rich and such. Red tones are good if your going fo rcult of speed. With the foundation paints most colors are easier now than they was before. Another reason why I went for blue. Always liked the Blood Axes with their weird camo schemes, but that can get to be a bit much....looking forward to seeing them. BTW if you want to strip the paint, buy Wesley's Bleach White (Tire cleaner), pour it into a container (plastic) don't add water keep it pure. Soak the model 24 hours, take a toothbrush and wet the brush, scrub away, wash the brush under the tap to keep it clean. Paint comes off fairly easy. May have to do a second soak for tougher paints. I've soaked something for over a week in this stuff and nothing happened to the model and unlike other things does not have fumes or leave a film on the surface. It will weaken super glue joines though if it soaks long enough.

  2. I've always liked (in order); Goffs (but no more black), Bad Moons (yellow YIKES!), Deathskulls/BloodAxes, blue facepaint and such w00t! I played Orks in Epic back in da day ;-)

    But I've never done Evil Sunz, so doing the red. I love the foundation Red as it is more "earthy" in color, not bright. So going for the KoS thing, especially with all the bikes and buggies I have.

    Thanks for the stripping formula, I will have to strip models. I purchased a chunk off of Ebay YEARS ago, I think some were dipped.. which means I'll probably just redo the bases, and spray a matte finish on them (they don't look bad).