Friday, January 14, 2011

Rules Question

So, I have a Land Raider shooting a Twin-Linked Lascannon(S9/AP2) at the side armor of a Leman Russ(13).

Roll, one hit (after TL reroll)

Roll wound? it's a 4.

9 + 4 = 13

So that's a Glancing Hit, correct?

Roll on the results table, 3.  Minus 2 for glance 1.

So instead of "Weapon Destroyed", it's a "Stun".

Is this correct?

Asking, because of a game I watched recently.  Whereas the owner of the Land Raider rolled the 4, and stated it was a Penetrating Hit, rolled a 3 and selected what weapon was destroyed.  I'm new to the game, and was a bit confused.



  1. Your correct in your example.

    The Land Raider player should take remdial warhammer 40k 101. Not sure how new the other guy was but yea, it's wrong.

  2. Actually it's shaken not stirred but other then that you are correct!