Monday, January 24, 2011

Painting Space Wolves Terminator Part 1

I took step-by-step pictures of painting my Space Wolves Terminator, and never posted an article.

Better late than never :-)

As always, click image for larger.

Primed Black then apply base color

First step is the prime the model black, and apply base coat over the model.  For my base coat I use a custom color mix of Shadow Grey, Space Wolves Grey and Skull White.  This mix is thinned with water.  If I had to do them over, I would skip the custom color and use Fenris Grey, as it just plain roxorz!  Let this dry!

Asurmen Blue Wash entire model

Next step is to apply an Asurmen Blue Wash over the entire model.  This will give you a blue tinge, without looking all 'My Little Pony Blue'.  Let this dry thoroughly!

Badab Black Wash
After the blue wash has thoroughly dried, I paint the claws Boltgun metal, and then apply a Badeb Black Wash over the model.  Let it dry thoroughly!

Drybrush Base Color, paint detail bits.  Face, Bronze Areas, Hair, etc.
Ok final steps for this article... I know I missed some pictures inbetween, but bear with me.  After the Black Wash is dry, you want to take the ORIGINAL base color you used, and drybrush the entire model.  Essentially you want to put the base color back on (not just extreme edges), but not too much.  My goal is a "dirtier" rough look. 

I have a lighter/thinner custom color (see mix above), that I use for regular troops, and to highlight the edges of armor for my terminators.  Due to it being a bit thinner, you can goof and it typically blends in nicely.  I'll use this color to highlight any armor joints.  I typically stick to the 'simple' stuff I can overbrush.  Overbrushing is a technique where you are not drybrushing, but painting raised areas.  Wish good brush positioning, you can highlight a model nicely, without the need for a steady hand, by just running the brush along the edges.

After your base color, paint all your bits in the base colors you chose.  I use Dwarf Bronze, Red Gore, Calthan Brown (any fur), Bleached Bone for the Crux on the left shoulder pad, Fortress Grey for Hair (darker/lighter depending).  I use a Tallarn Flesh for the skin.

That's it for the base stuff, Next time I'll cover the washes and any highlighting of the remaining bitz.

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