Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm a bit angry tonight.  I'm putting together the body for the Hive Tyrant I purchased Thursday, cutting flash, putty in the creases.  I get to the legs... and the box set is missing a leg.  WTH?  $52 for this thing, and it's missing a leg!?!?  I'll send an email to support to see what they can do for me.

On a side note, thanks for the deal Lue!  I've already painted them!  Look freakin great!  Not posting pictures until tomorrow, want to surprise da boyz when we play tomorrow.


  1. Dude that sucks but GW is good about replacing things always as long as i can remember, so your safe. Pop some pics up tomorrow of that Monster Mash, i have always loved the idea of monstrous creatures running around eating 'erbody.

  2. I'll get a pic up tomorrow night, sitting here watching him dry. He looks sick! Dip really looks good on big nids :-)

  3. Looking forward to pics also!

    Lue is right GW is good about making something right when it comes to a box packing error. I ordered so me bitz, they forgot stuff, sent me more than what I ordered the next round and kept the stuff they got wrong also...

  4. That's awesome, gives me hope this will work itself out :-)

  5. styx... weekend wrapup, is from last weekend update brother! ;-)

  6. I will at some point. We are away for MLK weekend so, not much hobby work will be done. Not much to say this week. Finished the latest Gaunt Ghosts books, reading Dark Creed now (part 3 of the Word Bearers books). So far, I did not paint much this week. Been a slacker and the only real work was done on Anthem coptor, got it almost done.

    Toying with an airbursh now, a friend owns a cheaper model that is my trainer, then I am going to upgrade to a better one. Until then, I am going to buy a compressor (a good one) over the next few weeks and take some lessons from a guy that is an insane painter. He has been using an airbrush for a long time and found these videos on techniques (they are not public you have to subscribe to watch them) that he and another friend has been messing around with. Depending on when this happens, I may be mass painting an Entier company of Wolves and Dark Angels along with vehicles very soon, Just the base greens and greys, but a huge leap forward.

    Also, I have been thinking of trying the dip on the terminators, or may just stick with my washes for now instead.

    Did you check out the FAQ updates on GW site? Some good changes including the Black Templars not sucking as bad anymore, they got all the toys along with the Dark Angels that the other big three Marines have. Got an excuse now to pull out your Templars again! I am pleased that the Dark Angels are at least semi playable now compared to before.

  7. Semi powerful what? Almost every IC is fearless with some cool power! And if you go Death or Raven Wing all if not most of your army is fearless with great deployment rules and 15 pt storm shields. I think it's great though and it would be nice to see more of a variety of 3+ at least.

  8. True, but I am not huge on the named ICs to be honest. The wings are the best way to go and I am going to paint up my Termies now and get them ready for the table. Fearless can also blow up in your face also, most marines can break, if they excape can get away from something nasty if they are not caught or at least able to turn some weapons against it. Still DA and BT are not totally up to the other bigger 3 Marine books is what I meay by "Semi" are they as great no, but they are WAY more playable now.

  9. Let me know how the airbrush works out, interested in the results, difficulty, etc.

    I'm looking at the BT FAQ now. The big issue I've had with BT is RZ.

    Half of my games were with BT, and I can tell you. It sucks to have a huge crusader cc squad with Marshal, lose ONE neophyte, fail leadership for RZ, and start running!