Monday, January 10, 2011

1G Tyranids: More Stuff

(2)Trygon/Mawloc's and Droppod

Two Trygon/Mawloc and droppod came in today.  This is good, but my Tyranid list actually contains (2) Mawloc's and a Trygon.  So need one more (Lue) haha.

Droppod was actually ordered prior to this debacle I've gotten myself into, so not sure it will fit in these lists, but definitely my Space Wolves play around lists.

The seller of the Droppod was kind enough to add an Ultramarines Symbol to EVERY door, plastic glue, so no popping them off.  Thou, that pod is obviously backburnered for a bit.

Did the guns on my Warriors, they'll be ready for a dip tonight.  Sorta a bummer, don't have the gaunts/HT onhand, and my Chaos/Orks are at Joe's.  Only thing I can think of doing with the time is making more Boyz.  I know I'll need alot.  Also have the old Bikerz sprues, I'm sure I can fit those into a list.



  1. Ok WTF? I put a comment here and now I don't see it. So sorry if repost.

    Isn't the only difference between the Mawloc and Trygon the head? You have the magnets so would be sweet to be able to change easily like that to play test them both.

    Also, Rob is there a way to have this site notify me via email that comments are made to posts I have comments on? After awhile it's going to get real confusing to remember which ones I have commented on ya know?

  2. hahaha.. yea, I think you can have notifications sent. Not sure how thou.

    I will magnet the heads, this way I can mix n' match. haven't looked at the models yet, so not sure how hard it will be.

  3. Anthem has magnets you can buy to do that. I use them to build a variety of options like my terminators or a rhino that can become a Predator. Saves money and gives you options.

    I think under blog following management you can click on an option to email you Joe.

    Also, the symbols are no biggie. I have methods to remove the icons without hurting the vehicle. If there is some space, I have some dental tools that can pop it off with good purchase. Otherwise I use clippers with the pointed tips to start trimming or some special xacto knife blades can let you get away with it but you have to be careful. The n once they are removed you can cover them up with something else. If your lacking some ideas, I may have some bits in my box that may help. I am pretty good with conversion, stripping and cleaning.

  4. I picked up some magnets @ Anthem last time I was there.. getting my butt kicked :-)

  5. lol rawsome, those boxs look huge. With your awsome quick painting skills they will come out great