Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stormraven, Bjorn, and More for Advance Order

Games Workshop has some new models available for Advance Order.  Some of the highlights are the Blood Angels; Storm Raven Gunship and Space Wolves; Bjorn the Fell-handed.

Check out the advance orders on their site, click me


  1. I laughed about the Space Wolf stuff, that is all old crap that they are pimping. Tha is nothing new! Sheese!

  2. I thought the "Njal Stormcaller (Classic)" particularly was funny, however it will provide a second rune priest model. Especially as I see more lists using two.

    I don't mind the Bjorn, either as it means I don't have to "mod" something.

    I am disappointed that they don't release say.. TWCav, Tervigon, etc. oh well. Lars was excited about the Storm Raven :-)

  3. Uhm... $58 for Bjorn!?! Nevermind, I'll mod a Blackreach dread instead *jeesh*

  4. Yea, very pricey. You could just modify the melta RP for a varient or do like I did and take one of the older librairans and alter them to fit.