Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orks Update and Blood Angels Battleforce

Ork Nob Scheme

Incomplete, but getting there

Camera settings are still off :-(
 My camera settings are still off, my pics are not looking that good lately, not nearly the quality of my Blood Claw pictures.  Either way, you get the idea.  I swapped the Scrotched Brown for the Foundation, and did a Black Wash over the Foundation C.Brown.  Looks better in my opinion.

I still have to wrap up the Boyz, and the Bikez, hopefully will have the Boyz done by Friday Night, and the Bikez by Sunday.

I'll then shoot to wrapup the Berserkers next week.  This will leave a final week to put my efforts back into my Space Wolves.  I have some cool Space Wolves lists I want to try, but can't field a rhino or razorback that's still in shrinkwrap :-(

The Angels Have Landed..
to rip you off?

Ok, just figured out the pricing of the Blood Angels Battleforce.

It's $100 compared to the SM Battleforce which is $90.  BUT, it drops the Scouts ($22.50), drops the Combat Squad ($22.50), and adds the Death Company w/ Jump Packs ($33).

So for $10 more, you trade $45 worth of models for $33 in models...  Uhm, I'm not a mathematician, but that doesn't sound like a good deal.


  1. Some battleforces are just a better deal than others to be honest. They used to be very good deals and slowly over the years, you save a few bucks but not much. To be honest, I would go with a regular marine set and buy the BA stuff to add to it to get all the fancy special stuff.

  2. From what I have seen most Battleforces are the exact same price if you were to buy the individual boxes. I.E. no damn difference.

    Sorry to say if I dwell too long on GW's schemes of milking us I'll quit the game. I mean great they released some new BA stuff, woo hoo. How about the missing Nids models?! I mean how long has the "new" Nid codex been out?

    Ok I have to stop.

    *tells himself*
    "it's all about fun with good friends!", "it's all about fun with good friends!", "it's all about FUN with good friends!"

  3. haha... yea I remember the megaforce deals. No more deals, not even a couple o' bucks.

    I agree with you Joe, I just have to NOT think about it, or I get in that Wallethammer $40k mentality.

    The way I look at it, as a hobby it's cheaper than the other two I was considering...

    1. Sports Car (factory five)
    2. Sailboat > 35' (aka yacht)

    Thou I did get some good info on rebuilding Yanmar Diesel Engines when I was scouring info on numero 2 ;-)