Friday, January 28, 2011

1G Fail

Why ooooh why did I choose Orks as one of the Armies.  I committed to do four armies in four months, and Orks are utter fail for this project.  Too many models to paint!

Looking ahead for what I have to paint next month:

Space Wolves:
Gotta get at least a Rhino done to stay ahead of the game.

12 Termagants and a Trygon... ok not bad.  Still gotta get the trygon put together.

4 Terminators, and 2 Defilers... hmm two more big models.. ok.. doable

11 Boys
6 Stormboys
4 Bikes
3 Warbuggys
and a Truk

What is even worse, I haven't even figured out an 1850pt list for them yet.  Only figured them out up to 1500pts, and even that list is a bit short :-(

I should've done Black Templars *sigh*.  I gotta ton of BT's I could've worked on.  If I only hadn't made the oath that I wouldn't touch another BT or paint black, until the next Codex came out.

.. then they update the Black Templar FAQ.

Update:  After writing this, I spent the morning base coloring the Stormboyz, hopefully get the Buggies primed this evening.  Figure I will juggle Berzerkers and Orks, paint Zerks, while drying, paint Orks... rinse n' repeat.  I've had to do this most of the time, so still gonna keep chugging along.


  1. Keep it simple with the orks, get them table worthy to meet the goal, then you can touch them up later. A shortcut at least.

    AS fast as you paint, you can do it!

    BTW, check your Anthem messages. Cabanahammer is on and locked next month! Be there!

  2. thanx, I'm just chuggin' forward :-) Primed buggies and bikes. Painting Stormboyz inbetween Berzerkers.

    Berzerkers are taking a bit longer than I anticipated.

    Time it takes to put together some of the big models, I need to squeeze that in somewhere too :-)