Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patience not my Virtue...

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Well checking out Lue's Space Wolves, and 4G buddy telling me, "I'd like to see you take your time on a fig".  I decided to try and take my time.  So far, so good.. I just don't have the patience, thou I do LOVE the Fenris Grey.  

I'm so close to completing my 1850 list, I was thinking of incorporating the patient method, more importantly new color.  Then start to replace/phase out older guys I've painted.  Figure I could sell em on Ebay or something.

I've painted "patiently" before, it's just really tough for me for various reasons.  

I blatantly took the eyeball idea from Lue, just looking at his paintjob.. light dawned on how to do the eyeballs.   Now I gotta hit him up on hair color!

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  1. It looks great man! Fluff isn't just about the story books ,each miniature is a story in it's Space Wolves right. That's why i have invested so much of my time learning the wet brush technique and colors. I want just about everyone unique but in uniform. This army also means something to me, it's my Love Jones. As far as the hair goes it depends what colors you want, i use many mixes of the moment (As i call it) which means the mix might change in tone but still the same type of colors then i apply a lighter color, wash(depends), and then a highlight(I'm big on these). Example: in Vallejo colors, for red haired wolves i start with a base coat of 75 25 mix of blood red and earth, hot orange applied almost like a highlight technique but with a big brush to cover most of the area, then wash fully apply once or twice GW sepia and finally orange fire as a highlight. Mix of the moment is applied throughout the different minis to give the uniqueness. I also have to be in the mood to do eyes but i use a pen, i just can't do it with a brush.

  2. Ok, glad you mentioned it. I was getting ready to do eyeballs with a brush.. again. FAIL! what a pain!!!

    Ok, that's one mix. Gonna have alot of red haired doodz in my Army YOU WATCH! The hair and faces you painted were sick!

    Wife will love it, she's got red hair.. I can hear it now "Awwwwww" hehe.

  3. Yea, most people buy the .5 or smaller art pens from the hobby store.

    That build up on the Fenris Grey looks great also! They are going to look kick ass on a table.