Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting Blood Angels

Hi my name is Lars son of Doomicon and I am 13. I have been painting for about two months now, I just started Blood Angles and they are beast (I have only played them once lol). So here are my fig's so far.

My two favorite models so far my Librarian(above), and random fig(below).
The base color is blood red with Baal red wash not once but twice with a half delvin mud wash and half water between. So far so good I feel they're going to come out Rawsome.

This model here is one of my favorite just because of his pose is Rawsome, and he has been promoted to Sergeant with the skull on his head gold (just after pictures were taken).

They're not finished, have some more painting to do.


  1. Heya Lars glad you joined your dad's blog, looks like a great start for your BA's, I like the red not bright, almost like the Angels Vermillion (theirs is kinda a darker red armor), never was a fan of brighter, comic colors myself which is what you often see Blood Angels painted as. Looking forward to seeing them finished and adding more to the list as you round it out.

  2. Awesome sauce dude! I have a nine year old and he loves some IG. He's not painting yet but he understands most of the rules and he loves the shooting phase. I and him will be playing at a buddies house maybe i'll post some battle reports of his game his blog. Keep having fun lil man and those look good so far try using ink if you's guys have or find some it's great.

  3. Wow! Lars your killing me too! Geezus! I think if anything this is going to be more of a challange to Ben and I to get off our butts and get some stuff done!
    Great job man!!! Can't wait to see them all done!

    By the way my Nids love red! NOM NOM NOM!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments you guys, I have alot of free time since im grounded lol. Ya I just built a five man assault squad(to cold to prime) i plan on finishing my tactical's today.