Friday, January 7, 2011

1G Update: Adding to the Pile

leaning tower of 1g :-)
So couple of boxes to add to the pile.  Rearranging for space stacked the Ork boxes I already had, and got the two Nid boxes today, Hormagaunts and Warriors.  Ok I know warriors are fail, but I reeeeally liked the models haha.  Still waiting on three more boxes, two Tyranid boxes and one Marine.

Going to Palace o' Joe's tonight for gaming, but I'm anxious.  I imagine I'll be up late clipping sprues and gluing my fingers together :-)


  1. Actually, the warriors are not fail, the synapse option and a large unit can be a real pa in in the arse to kill. Kitted out right there is some nasty combos out t here.

    Also, you could convert the "Harpy" I think tha tis what they are called, basicly the winged version of the Warriors.

  2. Basically picked em' up because they looked cool. My orginal 1850 list didn't include em'. I just made some room.

    My 1850 list does include two Mawlok's and a Trygon :-) Those are gonna be fun to paint!

  3. I have 3 still on sprue. Maybe one day here I'll get off my ass and get them done. Still really itmidated about having SO much putty'in to do on the Hive Tyrant. Like someone once said, 'the amount of freakin money we spend on these models you would think the quality of them would be a hell of a lot better!'.

  4. Oh and what's all this nonsense about selling off your Orks?!?! If anything give me till income tax time and I'll freakin buy them off you. :-)

  5. Orks, bro if yer interested I'll hold on to them! I knew you were reading the codex. Sweetness!

    Gonna post Hormagaunts I finished today, after I get back from Little Italy Pizza and watching True Grit :-)

    Dip worked well, they look good.

  6. For sure man would be interested in the Orks! I was even thinking (of course could end up being a duanting task) of repriming the ones I would need. Because I have always dug the Bad Moons but hell man, after my black and yellow Nids I am sure I'll be burnt on black and yellow! Hrmmmm....what else to make them?