Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1G, Orks

Worked on some boyz, deffkopta, and put some more bikes together.  Sorry for the bad pic, the model on the far right is a completed "base". 
Base, is tabletop ready, with room for improvement.  When time allots between due dates, I will paint extra bits. I would rather have a good plain mini that I can improve on, instead of a detailed poop job.
Well back to mold lines on bikes while the washes are drying ;-)

Warriors Based

Tried for better pictures, lighting wasn't right. 


  1. Dude you are killing me! But I LOVE it! Freakin great job. DIP is deeeelicious!

    By the way are their arms glued or did you use magnets?

  2. I just glued those, figured I won't use magnets till I get to HT. Mawloks don't appear to have any special wargear, gotta check the Try thou.

  3. Yea, brother that dip is speedy awesomesauce! I can't wait to get the stuff from Lue. I don't have the time to put together the big stuff I got. Stuff I'm getting from him is put together and primed! It is getting a little hectic, but so far so good.