Saturday, January 8, 2011

1G: Nids First Batch

Forgot my camera last night, took pictures of our game table with cell.  Still have to get the pics off mah cell (ie bluetooth to laptop).

Did a test Hormagaunt.  Primed white, used Fenris Grey/Fortress Grey for plating (didn't care for the purple).  Used Bleached Bone for teeth, talons, and nails.

Used Army Painter Dip, brushed on.  Still wet and pics look like poo', but figure he'll look table top when dry.

Now I've used the "Dip Method" before with Poly-shades.  I purchased the Army Painter dip sometime back. I had assumed it was a product tailored for miniatures, not wood furniture.

I was wrong, it's the same exact stuff only it costs 4x as much.  Really disappointed, before I "dip" anymore, I may switch back to Poly-shades.  I don't want to get half the army dipped, run out, then stressed about matching the color with Poly-shades, or dropping another 4x$$$ for Army Painter dip.

click for larger
I was happy that painting this mini was quick, a bit quicker than I expected.  I probably spent about 12 mins on the mini, and 2 minutes on the dip.  I'll definitely get that time down.  I was taking my time to get familiar with the mini, where armor plates connected, following a good line, etc.  So with the rest I should be able to easily cut that time in half.

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  1. Yea, the Army dip is a rip as I say. Polyshades works well, some people take some solution and water it down some also.

    If you can find inks still, I love taking a empty pot with about 3/4 water, few drops of ink and a few drops of "Future Floor Wax" to make my washes. works well, costs next to nothing and the future floor seals the model and makes it tougher for handling. Lots of my stuff uses this method.

  2. Yea, I was really disappointed. Not in the effectiveness, but I just essentially ordered something from overseas that cost like $20, that I could've gotten from Walmart for $5.. or sadly, from my shed. I've already have three different colors of Polyshades on hand :-(

    I don't have the experience with the inks, but would definitely like to give it a try.

  3. Yo! Why are you disappointed? The fig in those pics aren't dry yet. How did they turn out after drying?

    To me looks awesome! The scything talons look sweet!