Monday, January 24, 2011

Gamin' and Painting

Heyoh, first I have to say had my favorite game so far Saturday night!  That was alot of fun, and BIG!  I'm bummed I forgot the camera.  1500pts, no winner/loser as we made some mistakes and called it a night.  Space Wolves vs. Tyranids.  However, everything went pretty smoothly, and the flow of the battle was great!  It really came down to the wire!
Game motivated me to  paint some Orks, so that is always a good thing!  I painted the Tyranids quickly, but for some reason just have been unmotivated/uninterested in painting Orks.  This maybe the reason why they've sat around so long on sprues (3+ years).  I finished up the two truks, and the KillaKan.  Base coloured the three Bikez.  Decided to swap two bikez in the list, for the Killa Kan.  I had to redo his paint scheme, but the model is just too cool, and really wanted to paint him.
So I have to wrap up the 3 bikez, and finishing touches on some random boyz  (missed spots; metal bitz, teeth here and there, etc.)
This week schedule:
Monday:Wrap up the Orks, finish put the HTyrant together and prime (already filled gaps with putty)
Tuesday-Thursday:  Berserkers
If I can wrap everything up by Monday, I'll have all four Armies 500pts ready for the first month due date.  This will give me a week to work on Space Wolves.  Goal is to use the extra week to get the Space Wolves 1850pt done (three vehicles, *yikes*), so I can spend the remaining three months focused on three armies instead of four.
I will be posting some picks of before and after trukk painting.  The original eBay paintjobs were poor, and for ugly (OOP) models, I'm happy with the way they turned out!


  1. Sounds like your making some great progress! The game sounds great that you had, those are the best when you walk away going DAMMM! Make sure to bring the camera next time!

  2. Really was a great game, we made a couple of mistakes, but the good part. We catch them during the game.. "Oh... I can't do that" moments. It's not like we're playing incorrectly and not catching it. (ie No Retreat).

    The big plus was the game was BIG (for us haha) we played 1500 pts. Much better than our 750-1000 normal battles. More tactical choices, more things to worry about, it was just awesome!