Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1G Status: Status Update

clock is ticking

Hive Tyrant (partially built)
3xWarriors (completed)
12xHormaguants (completed)
5xGenestealers (completed)

In 1000t pt list
500.. Mawlok (completed)

22xBoyz (in progress)
2xNobz (in progress)
2xTruks (oh boy, still have to strip)
5xBikes (3 built and primed)

Daemon Prince (model finished, have to complete base)
12xBerzerkers (partial, have to do alot of 'touch up')
2xBerzerker Champs (80%, complete)

Space Wolves:
WGBL Termy (completed)
14xGrey Hunters (completed)
7xBlood Claws (completed)

I'm awaiting the shipment of my Hive Tyrant Leg from GW, they're support was awesome btw ;-).

The Orks have slowed me down, having to strip some vehicles.  I refocused on the Boyz which are coming along nicely.  I'm actually painting more than I need for 500pts, doing anything I can to do extra.

Time spent painting has left little time for taking pictures.  I still haven't posted Saturday's Batrep :-(

Lastly, I don't wanna hit burnout.. I found myself painting last night singing my own version of a 'Finding Nemo' song...

just keep painting, just keep painting, just keep painting painting painting

Knew then, it was time to take a break.

*Note as I am a noob, and not completely familiar with all Armies, the 500pts is a guesstimate and may actually is a bit over in most cases.

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