Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1G Update: Input Appreciated!

I'm thinking of doing, 2 Armies from Scratch (yikes), and 2 Armies utilizing existing models.

Armies I am leaning towards:

Already Have (incomplete, what I have):
Chaos (Codex, I have alot of chaos models)
Orks (Codex, tons of models, alot on sprue)
Space Wolves (Codex, tons of models duh)
Black Templars (Codex, tons of models)

From Scratch:
Lamenters (BA Codex, have the Marine Battleforce)
Tyranids (Codex, Box of Termagaunts)

Only issue is cost.  I spent some time in Army Builder, and the cost involved with doing two Armies from scratch (Tyranids and Marines), is pretty high.  So figure I have a couple of options:

1.  Stick with the plan, do two from scratch and rely on Ebay and other outlets to get cheaper/used models.

2.  Only do one Army from scratch, and swap out either Nids or Marines with Orks.

I've been browsing Ebay to see my options, and have $52 left on an Ebay gift certificate, (just spent $23 of it on another droppod already assembled).

Good thing about Ebay is the ability to get used models preassembled, bad news is alot are primed or painted.  I obviously won't have time to strip models.


  1. Do you plan on running them very often at friendly games or rtt events etc? If so play test alot with what you want even if you proxy it all. If painting is your goal then paint them all but expect to get burned out. This hobby is for many types of gamers what type are you? See i am a gamer more so then a painter and/or collector. So i play test a lot, then i buy what i need, then paint. I think nids are cool but require a lot of converting. Orks are awesome but you need so many. Chaos Marines are o.k. but still 3+ armor(Theres to much). What play style do you like? If this doesn't help come up 2morrow and we'll sit down and politic about it. Like i said save the Lamenters(If you want) for a campaign i would like to run. I say take some time to learn the system and armies better then decide what you want.

  2. The goal would be to simply complete the four armies in four months, and get some games in while it's going ;-). Honestly, I just want a challenge, I crank out units quickly.. now to challenge myself to see "how quick". At the same time, maybe provide some inspiration to new players who may think painting a new army is a daunting task. I don't think it has to be. I think if you put your mind to it, anybody can knock out a GOOD LOOKING tabletop quality army in a matter of weeks. Just takes a bit of research, some practice, and self discipline.

    I'm not terribly concerned about how competitive they are. That being said, the only Army of those I listed that I have ZERO knowledge of is Tyranids.

    I'm knowledgable enough with the others that I won't purchase "bad" units (ie Skyclaws). Not play experience, but enough research that I know what units are wasted points.. The only reason I would do a knowingly fail unit is I either..

    a. Already have the unit on hand (Thousand Sons squad)

    b. For some odd fluff reason (Blood Claws/Lukas)

    Tyranids are the big unknown.. While the goal first and foremost is to completely paint four armies in four months... I don't want to invest $$$ in an expensive unit that has zero chance of fitting into any future list.

    This is sorta the problem with Blood Angels, I've read their codex up and down. I'm familiar with "good" lists, but with the goal of completing armies, the thought of painting multiple Baal Preds, or Razorspam is not a good one :-)

    This is why I should really NOT do the Tyranids, OR spend some time really investigating lists, units, and playability.

    Given that info, what do ya think? Probably should hold off and learn more, or move forward by painting what I have (Chaos, Orks, SW) and research Nids/BA more, and still shoot for the four month mark! w00t.

    Or just take the plunge! Four Armies, Four Months, using all available resources.. debunk the naysayers, too expensive, too long to paint, etc. :-)

  3. Take the plunge! Doing all four armies would definitely inspire many. It would be awesome and would be one heck of a mission to complete. Just have fun doing it!

  4. Let me know if you need bits i have 1 or 2!

  5. One of the reasons for Tyranids, was absolute fun factor... Four Power Armor armies would burn me out :-)

    1 or 2, lol bro, you probably have enough bits you could throw em a box, add super glue, shake.. BAM! Mega Gargant for Apoc Games!

  6. Hahaha!! I probably do that the sad part. I am taking Dorks to Bolter Beach 2 GT because i see to much 3+ armor. Also cause people cry about my wolves so i'll make em cry more with orks.

  7. I would phase it, dedicate each month to an army. Say Space Wolves for this month. Orks for Feb, then develop beyond. I dig the ambition of 4 armies in 4 months, but I think focus is good also for each month. Knocking out one army will give you a good feeling and inspire you further.

    As for money, I feel your woes. I try to trade, win tourneys mostly for most of my stuff. Sometimes my wife will let me do a buy every now and then. Keep up the good work on the blog!