Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1G: Orks Sneak Peek

500pts Almost Done...
Just about to wrap up the Ork 500, will move on to the 12 or so Berserkers for the Chaos 500.

In the meantime, have all the parts for the Hive Tyrant, figure I'll knock him out this week while waiting for stuff to dry.  Hive Tyrant is the last unit for the Tyranid 500.

So with 13 days left until the first due date, I may actually have all four 500 point armies painted.



  1. Good stuff man hope you meet your goal!

  2. Looking good! I want you to know your making me feel like a total and utter slacker!

  3. hahaha, thanks fellas. Don't feel like a slacker, I seriously got issues. Painting Orks was actually a bit slow, had trouble getting into a groove. After Saturday's game really got motivated and picked up the pace.

  4. Tell me about it Styx! lol
    Sweetness Rob! And remember if your still considering selling the Orks let Ben and I know first! I still want to make the fantasy come true of having multiple armies available at the house ya know?

  5. Well we definitely have to play them! I just can't justify the cost of maintaining so many armies! Figure I should sell at LEAST one, and focus on Space Wolves.