Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wayland Games Order

More Nids On the Way
For Ben n' Joe :-D

Placed an order from Wayland Games for more Tyranids.  Have some Gargoyles, Genestealers, Termagants, and Broollord on the the way.

While I always like to support the Local Store, it's tough when the closest store is full retail, and isn't what I would call a 40k supporter.  The store across the bay, just stopped providing a 15% discount, and it's 35 minutes one way.

The prices as Wayland Games were just too ridiculous!  Box of Gant's for $19, Terminators for $34, and that's not counting the additional %6 code I got in email!

I also thru in package of five JumpPacks for $9 (Lars' Blood Angels).

While I was going to go with the T.Hive Guard and Hive Guard route.. but even with discount it's a bit pricey to justify for an army I'm tecnically just painting.  If I decide to keep the Army, I can add those guys later.  Besides I have 3xTrygon(Mawloc)'s in the list :-D

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