Thursday, January 27, 2011

1G: I'm Not Your BOOTLICK!

Repainting is Work
Working on Berzerker's tonight, and it is ALOT of work.  Most of these figs are painted to one degree or another.  All of them bad!  Fortunately, I've been blazing thru em' tonight.. hence the motivation to post and take pics :-)

I thinned a couple of red's and did a complete touch up of the base color.  Then applied Baal Red wash.  I redid all the brass bits with Dwarf Bronze, and began the second wash with full strength Delvan Mud.


So far so good, but these will be a tedious road of touch up work.  Good News, I've been in a super painting mood last few days.  Since knocking out the Orks, I've gotten excited about possibly wrapping up early, however that is looking more and more unlikely.

I can feel the warp overtaking me.. it's a good pain!

I received the missing leg for the Hive Tyrant from GW, their support was excellant btw :-)  Magnetized him, and primed him.  Broke a bit on my Dremel  during this process.  The plastics were easy as pie, the metal was a PAIN!

Ready for paint, magnets(and Hive Tyrant) from :-)
Have a super busy weekend!  Friday night Birthday Party, Saturday is Gasparilla with the Family, not sure when I'll find time to paint.  I maybe pushing it a bit as there is only 10 days left for me to finish o.O

What's left....

Hive Tyrant, 12x Berserker's, 2x Skull Champ's.


  1. Man what a drag to hear the magnet work as it pertains to a metal model sucked. I'll have to take into consideration the hurdles you came across and see if I can do something different. To be honest I am not looking to have super flush magnet joints, that's what some "over hanging" putty will be for.

    What a trip to think how we used to get mad at GW for coming out with more plastic than metal. And now I have to say, without a doubt, without hesitation, I CAN NOT STAND metal figs! ;-)

  2. Exactly! Metal Figs blow, mold lines, flash... I'm spoiled by plastics!